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The assistant to the general director on economy
Kolodkin Igor

Today nuclear engineering in Russia the most developing branch. Building of the nuclear power plant demands deliveries high-quality, reliable the equipment and performance of works under the strict industrial schedule. It also is one of the primary goals of "EnergomashKapital" PLC. The purpose of work of our collective - creation and maintenance of ethical business, reliable and respect from outside our partners. We understand, that the account of interests of partners is pledge qualitative and timely executions of contracts. Thanks to such policy, today at us were established long-term partner communications more than with 40 firms, including with the foreign. We are proud of our partners, among them only the best the russian and foreign companies. The right of delivery of the equipment on objects of nuclear engineering of "EnergomashKapital" PLC gains in fair competitive struggle. By us it is won more 50 tenders and competitions on delivery of the equipment and products for nuclear power plants.
Result spent by "EnergomashKapital" PLC politicians of close cooperation with our partners and fair competitive struggle in the market there was dynamics growth of deliveries of the equipment on objects of nuclear engineering, which has made for last period to 180 % a quarter. The enterprise invests means in creation of the own industrial productions and special divisions on to installation of ventilating systems and the equipment. Investments into assembly managements have allowed to increase volumes carried out works more than in 2 times.


Central office
107031, Moscow, Rozhdestvensky bul.,h.22/23;
Tel.: (499) 579-83-11
Fax: (499) 579-83-10
E-mail: info@energomashkapital.ru

in Volgodonsk
The Rostov region, Volgodonsk-28

Tel.: (86392) 9-99-26

The chief of department of contracts
Uryiev Michail

Financing of workings out of the special technological documentation for performance of works on objects of nuclear power plants has allowed to optimise process of performance of works and to lower expenses for them development. The enterprise not only invests means in industrial production, but also part of the incomes directs on charities. "EnergomashKapital" PLC assists in building and restoration of orthodox temples of Russia.

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