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The Story of EnergomashKapital

The company was established in 2002 and was acting in the field of corporate law of nuclear industry by contract with JSC "AtomenergoMash".
In June 2007 EnergomashKapital has received invitation to take part in the project of competitive environment formation with the goal to reduce the costs of new nuclear power units construction in Russian Federation. EnergomashKapital has developed "Regulations of open tenders", "Submitted proposal evaluation procedure", "Technical evaluation procedure for compliance to initial technical requirements" and many other documents that were acknowledged in the industry.
In September 2007 EnergomashKapital was allowed to take part in tenders for supply of equipment to Rostov
NPP 2 and later Kalinin NPP 4 (NIAEP projects).
In December 2007 EnergomashKapital signed contract for installation of ventilation and conditioning system at Rostov NPP 2.
In December 2008 the similar contract at Kalinin NPP 4 was signed.
In July 2009 the R&D department of EnergomashKapital was established.

In December 2009 EnergomashKapital took part in start up of Rostov NPP unit 2. During the construction of the unit, EnergomashKapital has implemented 10 different types of construction and assembly activities, like of ventilation and conditioning, unit heating, thermal insulation, metal constructions, lifting equipment, start up, repair activities. The work activities were implemented outside and inside containment, in the machine hall and auxiliary premises of NPP. Many EnergomashKapital employees were granted by Certificates of Honor and Gratitude, 5 employees by medals.
In December 2009 EnergomashKapital has signed a contract for installation of ventilation and conditioning system at Novovoronezh NPP II.
In July 2010 EnergomashKapital has launched a manufacturing facility at Volgodonsk. The Volgodonsk plant of Ventilation Equipment was totally constructed by EnergomashKapital. The first products are already shipped to the customers.
In July 2010 EnergomashKapital has purchased private office building in the heart of Moscow, located at Rozhdestvensky boulevard 22/23.
At present time EnergomashKapital is one of the leading enterprises of Russian Nuclear Industry that specializes in supply of complex technological equipment. The company focuses on ventilation, valves, pipelines, cables. There are 523 employees, including 16 at VpVE and 15 at R&D and 3 subsidiary branches (Volgodonsk, Udomlia, Novovoronezh). The quality management system is acknowledged as one of the most perfect. The main partners in nuclear industry are Concern Rosenergoatom, NIAEP, MosAEP, SPbAEP, Atomstrojexport, etc

Контактная информация

Central office
107031, Moscow, Rozhdestvensky bul.,h.22/23;
Tel.: (499) 579-83-11
Fax: (499) 579-83-10
E-mail: info@energomashkapital.ru

in Volgodonsk
The Rostov region, Volgodonsk-28

Tel.: (86392) 9-99-26

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