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The division of the quality management system

"EnergomashKapital" PLC was established as an enterprise capable for construction and assembly activities at construction of nuclear power units and for manufacturing and delivery of equipment for nuclear power plants.

The company obtains the relevant licenses. The EnergomashKapital team comprises employees that have long term experience in this industry and are qualified experts. The Quality Management System based on the standard GOST R ISO 9001-2001 is implemented and certified in EnergomashKapital. It is the solid basis for achieving and maintaining the high quality level of rendered works and services.

Based on our experience we can state that the implementation of the Quality Management System is only the starting point of continuous process in quality assurance of rendered services and delivered equipment. Having clear vision on this issue the company is developing and implementing perspective, current and operational project plans in quality where the improvement of the present technological processes, amendment and implementations are foreseen by new quality management normative documentation.

Documenting and Noncompliance analysis, financial and moral stimulation brings to higher responsibility and interest of the Executives, Experts and Employees in the quality assurance of the rendered services and works.


Central office
107031, Moscow, Rozhdestvensky bul.,h.22/23;
Tel.: (499) 579-83-11
Fax: (499) 579-83-10
E-mail: info@energomashkapital.ru

in Volgodonsk
The Rostov region, Volgodonsk-28

Tel.: (86392) 9-99-26

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