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Group of pipeline

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The expert of group of pipelines
Grishakov Valery

Experts of pipelines group "EnergomashKapital" PLC, have sufficient experience in the given branch. We are capable to prepare and provide competently any order in is minimum possible term. You receive in ours the person of the reliable supplier ready to cooperation it is independent from volume and the order nomenclature. Old mutual relations with set of manufacturers allow to carry out in a complex deliveries of production of any complexity of manufacturing.


Central office
107031, Moscow, Rozhdestvensky bul.,h.22/23;
Tel.: (499) 579-83-11
Fax: (499) 579-83-10
E-mail: info@energomashkapital.ru

in Volgodonsk
The Rostov region, Volgodonsk-28

Tel.: (86392) 9-99-26

The expert of group of pipelines
Lopatin Alexander

We value the name, reputation of each partner, We are constantly improved, corresponding to the most strict To requirements of our customers.
" EnergomashKapital" PLC offers wide assortment of shaped products of pipelines, Co-operates with tens factories on manufacture of pipes and details pipelines, such as: Open Society " CHTPZ", Open Society " Pervouralsky novotrubniy zavod", Open Company " VZMK", Open Society " Zavod kotelnogo oborudovaniya", " LZMZiM"JSC, Novosibirsky zavod, Volgsky zavod, Open Company ", ATM" etc. As a result of our cooperation for today thousand tons of pipelines are successfully delivered on the building platform of the Block N4 of Kalininsky NPP. As close cooperation with the operative is conducted the personnel on operating blocks of the Rostov and Kalininsky NPP.

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